Programming adapter for esp-12

If you want to flash a new firmware a esp8266 model esp-12e you need quite a lot of connections:esp12e-pinout

  • Vcc to Pin 3, 8 and 17
  • GND to Pin 15, 16 and 18
  • TX to Pin 22, RX to Pin 21

20170225_141022_001If you do not have a “in circuit” programming possibility, it is quite hard to connect every pin just for programming.

That’s why I looked for something like an adapter to put the esp in just for programming like a eprom programming device, but didn’t find one. So I decided to build my own.

So I take a 1 row female header and stripped the plastic case apart so only the golden spring parts are left.

20170225_141123Placing them onto a breadboard is also not that easy because the esp uses a 2mm raster not the standard 2.54mm. But with a few additional drills everything fits in the end. For soldering it is best to keep a (maybe broken) esp already plugged in so every pin ist automatically in the right position.

So with this little adapter one can plug an esp-12 in, flash new firmware and pull it out again.


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2 Antworten auf Programming adapter for esp-12

  1. dpannell sagt:

    I like this idea. Now I have something to do with all those pins laying around from cutting down female headers! Thanks for the idea.

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